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They weren’t dedicated to the experience. Travel coffee mugs and black coffee - if you drink your coffee black, you appreciate the taste of coffee. More importantly, you appreciate the aroma of a great cup of coffee. You know the difference between a cup of dark roast and a cup of light roast. You enjoy that the heat of the coffee relaxes you as you sip it on a sunny weekend morning. It gets your day started properly on a weekday before work. You enjoy it after dinner any day of the week. What makes you such a connoisseur is the aroma. That aroma stimulates your sense of smell as you drink. The coffee vapor that hits your nose enhances the experience. You’re not going to mask the flavor of the coffee with cream or sugar.

Now, imagine that you’re taking your coffee on the go and you’ve put that coffee in that ubiquitous “travel” coffee container. These containers do not give you the same experience as your ceramic mug back home or at the restaurant or even the Styrofoam or paper cups you use at work. The problem with travel containers is that they are one hundred percent designed to reduce spill. They are not designed with regard to whether the beverage can be enjoyed on the go the way it is enjoyed at home.

Their Design Was All Wrong from the Beginning

What we’ve done is designed a lid for a travel mug with the aroma of the coffee taking priority over spill prevention. We have studied how most spills occur and learned that coffee typically splashes along the sides of a container, not straight up the center. We learned that there is no need to block the aroma from escaping the travel mug at the center of the lid.

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