You get your SHAD cup for a significantly lower price than when we officially launch (as much as 40%).  You will be among the first to have this product! 

We are making the first generation of products now.  We expect to make our first product delivery in mid-May. 

Our vessels may be used with any hot (or cold) beverage when you want to enjoy aroma. 

Drinking vessels along with the keepsake wood packaging may be returned unused with the original packaging within 30 days of receipt of the product for a full refund.  Within the next 60 days, a product may be returned for a 50% refund.  Please contact us at shad@shadcups.com for specifics on how to return a product. 

Coffee is best when consumed within 30-45 minutes after brewing.  With the vent covered, The DEEL and The LEED will keep your coffee hot during this period and for hours after that. 

Currently, there is only one color per product.  However, we expect to add other colors for each product in the near future.  Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed of new offerings! 

We are a brand new company with a never before seen product.  Please send any comments regarding your experience with the product to: shad@shadcups.com.  We welcome your feedback as it helps further generations of products. 

If you could, we would not exist!  This product was created because a product designed in the manner we wanted did not exist.  Hence, the product is patent pending and unique! 


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